OPTIONS   2012


In order to obtain an optimum state of being there are seven systems available to man to help him face the problems of life and to rid himself of the negative qualities which he experiences within himself.   They are:

 Politics     Religion,   Psychiatry,  Neuroscience,   Scientology, Astrology-NumerologyYoga,    Sant Mat   The Science of Soul.


1.   Politics  There are a number of political parties which ignore or pay lip service to the Constitution but only one whose platform actually is The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights.   The Constitution Party is the only party for people who want a government according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers.  Daily Paul was originally established to furnish daily news about the Ron Paul candidacy for president.  It now continues as a forum where people who have been inspired by the example set by Dr. Paul can gather, meet and discuss the future of the liberty movement.  It deserves the support of liberty minded people.

2.    Religion consists of believing the writings of past masters and mystics.   The guide for this system is the minister, priest, rabbi, mullah or imamIt consists of rites and ceremonies which the believer follows, usually mechanically, without any true understanding of the tenets or teachings of the founder of the religion.  It requires blind belief which leads to sectarianism and conflict among peoples of different faiths. It is questionable whether one can obtain an optimum state of being following a religion. Religious wars are proof of their ineffectiveness  The minister, priest, rabbi or mullah lives off of donations.  People for whom blind belief and religion is insufficient often leave their religion and turn to other means for their development.


3.   Psychiatry, uses a method of self analysis with the psychiatrist as the guide.  Attempts are made to bring into conscious awareness the impressions and memories of events which exist in the unconscious part of the mind, and which affect a person’s behavior and emotional life.   It is an expensive and lengthy process which psychiatrists often try to speed up by using drugs and electric shock.  It also employs many types of drugs.  The results are questionable and may have unintended consequences such as dependence upon drugs and depressions that may lead to suicide.     Matt's battle to get off psychiatric medicine


4.    Neuroscience     Scientific study of the brain requires the skills of many different disciplines. Thus, this major is interdisciplinary and interdepartmental. The faculty are biologists, psychologists, biochemists, mathematicians, and engineers, all of whom share a fascination with the function of the brain.  The brain is studied at many different levels, including the molecular and cellular levels, the level of systems of neurons, and at the behavioral level.  This is like studying the electric wiring of a house to learn the nature of electricity. When the switch is thrown, the lights go out.


5.    Scientology, is a system that started out as a therapy for disturbed individuals and which has in the course of time developed into a religious philosophy.  It recognizes the fact that forgotten memories of events affect the emotions and behavior of an individual.  These memories are at a cellural level and in what Scientology calls the reactive mind.  With the Auditor as the guide Scientology attempts to lead the subject along a Time Track into the past in order to bring these hidden, embedded memories, called engrams,  into conscious awareness so that they may be erased, eliminated or cleared.  Unlike Psychiatry it does not use drugs or electric shock.  To reach advanced states of being is a lengthy process and extremely expensive.  People pay thousands of dollars to reach the state called Clear or OT.  


6.    Astrology and Numerology   are two ancient sciences that reflect the relationship between a person’s character and destiny with the outside surrounding universe. 


7.      Yoga,  means union and is the science or practice of awakening various energy centers in the body.   It is an ancient practice that is wide spread in India and more recently in the west.   The main systems of yoga are Pranayam (control of the pranas  through breathing ), Kriya  and Kundalini Yoga which attempts to awaken the power at the base of the spine and raise it to the Third Eye Center,  Hatha Yoga teaches various physical postures, Ashtang Yoga (combination of Hatha and breathing)  Gian (intellectual study of scriptures), Bhakti (devotion for some deity).    Various guided meditations that involve visualization or focus upon parts of the body have also become popular in attempts to help individuals relax and combat stress.   These yogas all focus one way or another at various centers in the body below the Eye Center.


8.    Sant Mat, also called the Path of the Masters, is the Union of the Soul with its Creator, the Sound or the Word.  It is different from the above mentioned yogas for it emphasizes the importance of having a perfect living master as the guide and starts its practice at the Third Eye center.  It is a way of life, a path of love and devotion.    It rejects all efforts at concentration at centers below the eyes for it states that the natural place of the mind and soul in the wakeful state is the eye center.  It uses a method of attaching the mind and soul to a power that is within the individual and which is mentioned by all religious scriptures.   It is called the Word which was in the beginning with God.  This power has been given different names at different times by masters throughout the ages.  It is the Son of the Christian Trinity, and according to Sant Mat, the world is never without a perfect living master.   Contact with this Power or Word under the directions of a perfect living master burns away and nullifies the impressions of previous lives referred to as karmas, sanskaras or engrams and leads to the highest goal of self and God realization.  This system is the divine design placed within every human being as a means to become consciously aware of one’s true self.   Since it is a way of life there are certain restrictions which a follower must adhere to.  It also states that only when the disciple is ready, does the perfect living master appear.


A fundamental difference between Scientology and Sant Mat is its focus.  In Scientology the focus is upon that which has happened in the past and which is affecting one's present life.  The technique is to relive or re experience the past in one's present conscious wakeful state.    In Sant Mat the focus is upon the present.  It says that the past is past and will not come again.   It is true that impressions and karmas of past lives affect the present life and this is recognized.  However, the focus is upon the present moment and consists of consciously joining the mind with the Shabd or Sound Current or Word.   Conscious contact with this Life Current slowly but surely erases all past impressions and karmas and destroys any karmas which might cause a future rebirth in the worlds of mind and matter.  All saints and masters such as Kabir, Guru Nanak, Dadu, Maulana Rum, Shamz-y-Tabriz, Paltu Sahib, Soami Ji of Agra, others throughout history and contemporary masters have stated that this is the Creator's design of salvation and is within every human being.  It is a path of love and devotion.


Meditation under the guidance of a perfect living master is similar to a session with a psychiatrist or an auditor of Scientology.  The psychiatrist or auditor, however, is within.  Every time the student sits for meditation, impressions of the past, whether they be called engrams, subconscious memories, or karmas of previous lives are erased.  An optimum state of being is gradually achieved.  Since it is the Creator’s design, complete within every human being and a way of life, there is no charge for the services of the perfect, living master. 


9.    The Science of Soul   Science of the Soul Research Centre is a registered charitable Society based in New Delhi, India. Its main objective is to promote a sense of brotherhood and communal harmony for the betterment of humanity. One of the ways the Society tries to meet this objective is to conduct research into the spiritual literature of various systems of belief and schools of thought. The Society's aim is to help eradicate bias, prejudice, ill-will, and acrimony between people by revealing their common spiritual heritage and thus forging bonds of empathy and fellowship, the building blocks of love and understanding.



8.     The Way Out is IN---true and Practical Divine Knowledge  Swami Ram Bihari Lal (disciple of Baba Gharib Das, a Perfect Saint and disciple of Param Sant Soami Ji of Agra,.                            




                 Notes by Thomas of  Northridge.

                         October 12, 2011