NEUROSCIENCE ---The Golden Calf


Just as the Israelites, under the guidance of Moses on their way out of bondage in Egypt to the freedom of the promised land, created a glittering Golden Calf to worship, in like manner initiates of spiritual masters today are being seduced and deluded by Neuroscience with all of its technological jargon.

For a person walking the spiritual path Neuroscience is an obstacle that seduces and deludes the seeker into believing that it is necessary to have such knowledge if one wants to know the Truth and experience reality.

For a person to enjoy light in one’s house, it is not necessary to be an electrician, neither is it necessary to know plumbing in order to enjoy a hot tube.   

Knowledge gained by means of Neuroscience will not help a seeker sit quietly when he wants to focus all of his attention at the Third Eye Center to enjoy the peace and experience the delights which are gained through proper spiritual practice under the guidance of a perfect, living master..

Neuroscience will never find the answer to the nature of consciousness and its origin because it believes that all awareness is caused by the brain and nervous system.  It is akin to studying the electric wiring of a house thinking thereby one will come to understand electricity, or tracing the plumbing of the house in order to understand the composition of water and its origin.

For thousands of years saints and mystics of many lands without any knowledge of neuroscience  have come to know have come to know through personal experience the nature of consciousness, the secrets of life and death and the origin of the self.  Their writings have not only testified to this fact but more recently  they have given detailed accounts of the inner journey of consciousness.  They learned that their very own self contains all knowledge, and that the entire visible creation is but a projection of this Self.  That is why they agree with Socrates when he says,   “Know thyself.” 

From the PREFACE to Path of the Masters by Julian P. Johnson, a classic on the teachings of all the great masters, the Surat Shabd Yoga, the Yoga of The Audible Life Stream.

"The consciousness of Self is the primal metaphysical experience, which, whilst causing one to penetrate into one's innermost being, at the same time causes one to penetrate into the universe.  We cannot behold this universe as we could some spectacle before our eyes, for we ourselves, are part of it; we aid in its formation; we are---as it were---fellow actors in a kind of drama, the variations of which depend on our subjective life which manifests its manifold incidents.  Our affective states are not to be considered as mere accidents, of interest to no one but ourselves, to which the universe remains impassive, for thereby we penetrate into its intimacy and participate in the innermost workings of its life and gain the revelation of its mystery."   (Lavelle.)

Human science is peripheric and essentially centrifugal; it makes a study of the visible part of the sensible world, the surface upon which---so to speak--thought reflects itself upon itself.   Spiritual science is, on the contrary, essentially centripetal; it studies the internal thought from internal planes thence to deeper and deeper ones, approaching  nearer and nearer the Absolute from which all life proceeds and which is the one and the only Reality."