99. Man is a limited being although he has the ability of becoming limitless. The degree to which this ability has been developed by anyone changes his outlook about Nature, There­fore, there are different ways of looking at the same thing' and interpreting the same phenomenon.


Take the instance of man: He is the product of his own activity in the past - his karma - which expresses itself as his hopes and desires, under whose influence he "works now in this life. Nature has impressed the same karmic activity on his hands, feet, forehead, etc. The palmist reads his destiny from the markings on the hands. Some read him from the markings on his feet or forehead, or from the eyes. A phrenologist judges him from the structure of his head. An astrologer casts his life from the position of planets at the time of his birth. Yet others, who have controlled their own minds, see him as the impression of his mind in matter, and read him directly from his mind. All are right in their respective spheres.


The same applies to "What controls weather?" The Weather Bureau forecasts it from the observations of the atmospheric conditions. An astronomer sees it as the effect of planetary motions and the cosmic forces. An astrologer casts it from the position of planets and stars.


As all Nature is One, the natural phenomena and the living forms are interrelated.   



Astrology and Numerology are two ancient sciences that reflect the relationship between a person’s character and destiny with the outside surrounding universe.  They are captivating subjects and may be stations upon the way of a seeker after truth.  Essentially they are material sciences that cannot reveal the true nature of the self and answer the eternal questions of Who am I? What am I” Is there a God?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  However, if death can become a reality for one studying astrology because the time of one's death may be predicted by the progressed horoscope, it will have served major purpose.


Astrology was one of the stations through which I passed on my own search for truth.  Once I learned that destiny could be foretold by the position of the stars and that if one had sufficient knowledge and ability to interpret a progressed horoscope, one would be able to predict one’s own death.  With this in mind, death suddenly became a reality for me and and I was shaken to the roots.  I realized that I had to seek for answers.   The search led me to Self Realization Fellowship and their system of yoga. Yogananda, in company with his friend, went in search of a master and that awakened within me a desire to find a master also.   “When the chela is ready, the guru appears.”  is very true. 


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